What Are Apple Polyphenols

First of all… what are apple polyphenols. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that helps the body fight free radicals that cause disease and are now showing to have other properties. This particular type of polyphenol has a wide range of benefits when in concentrated form. Studies have proven apple polyphenols to have benefits like anti aging, natural weight loss and hair growth from the procyanidin b2. Recent studies have also proven that they have beneficial effects against colon cancer.

As a daily supplement it can be very beneficial in our everyday health and help prevent future problems down the road. Apple polyphenols are one of the very few substances that are readily available, water soluble and our bodies will use as much of it as can without any side effects. Makes sense… since it’s an all natural substance concentrated from specific breeds of apples.

Like every substance… it’s best to get them in pure or 100% form rather than a “watered down” mixture of materials. Typically these are ingredients like rice flour, titanium dioxide and calcium phosphate. Basically these are fillers and don’t do any benefit as far as the purity and effectiveness of the product is concerned.  (Magnesium stearate or gelatin depending on what the capsule is made of is ok). Under the ingredients label it should only contain the substance that it’s labeled as for a genuinely good supplement.