Arctic Apple? – The Removal Of Apple Polyphenols

If anyone has been watching or reading real news lately (not mainstream media), you would have noticed that a company in Okanagen British Columbia called Okanagen Specialty Fruits Inc. has developed (genetically engineered) a new breed of apple known as the arctic apple. It was very clever to name it the “arctic apple” associating the white of the arctic with an apple that stays white. How do they do it? They remove specific apple polyphenols.

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Apple Polyphenol Benefits And Effects

Apple polyphenols consist of very beneficial natural chemicals. Some of these natural chemicals include:

Quercetin: A flavonol found in some fruits that has anti-cancer properties and protects the health of cell of cell structures. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory properties and protects the cardiovascular system.

Procyanidin B-2: Has been shown to stimulate the hair re-growth cycle. Both regrowing lost hair and improving current hair health. Also shows anti-inflammatory properties.

The other wide range of polyphenols and antioxidants contained in apple polyphenol supplements protect cells, fight disease and improve overall health functions of the body.

Apple polyphenols work for us… much like they work for apples. The individual properties that protect the skin of the apple and uphold the internal health of the apple (keeping the apple nice and fresh) can do the same for us as well.

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Apple Poly Review – Apple Polyphenols

This is my own personal review of apple poly. I started taking apple poly over a year ago and took it continuously for 6-7 months.  The results were very noticeable for me. The first thing that I noticed was that my muscle strength was much greater (there was no muscle size increase, but strength increase) I believe this works by increasing the density of the muscle fibers. The denser the muscle the stronger the muscle is. (strength isn’t necessarily in relation size).

Skin conditions improved as well. My skin seemed much healthier and acne wasn’t as much of a problem. Skin conditions would improve since apple polyphenols from fruits are the materials that protect the fruit and would also protect our skin just as it does the apple’s. Energy was another benefit. This is likely because of the positive effects apple polyphenols have on the digestive system. Normally, people have more energy the cleaner and healthier our digestive system is. The body’s ability to effectively use plant material (especially pure apple polyphenols) is very efficient and

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