Increase Muscle Strength With Polyphenols

increase muscle strength

Many studies have shown that apple polyphenols in particular, increase muscle strength by increasing the fiber densities. The saying “you are what you eat” is more than proven with some of these studies. The same polyphenols that give plants and fruits their antioxidant capabilities are more than beneficial to human muscles.

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Medicine & Science and Sports & Exercise stated that rats got almost a 100 percent increase in a specific type of muscle strength due to apple polyphenols. —Becky Holman ·

Publish Date: 03/15/2010 22:56

Dietary apple polyphenols have preventive effects against lengthening contraction-induced muscle injuries.

They tested the effects of polyphenols on muscle injury and how the muscles performed afterwards.

While taking polyphenol supplements they may provide protection against physical fatigue and increased endurance due to muscle protection and increased strength.

Effects of Applephenon and ascorbic acid on physical fatigue.

Effects of Apple polyphenols and ascorbic acid were tested on fatigue.

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