Apple Procyanidins

One of the interesting studies done in France showed that apple procyanidins triggered cell apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells. This was especially seen in cancer cells that occur in the colon. Similar studies done in Germany showed that the more apple procyanidins that were present, the more inhibitory effects were seen in colon cancer cells.

By showing natural anti-cancer activity, apple procyanidins not only help in the prevention of cancer but researchers may find new ways to use them in the treatment of cancers. This is certainly a big step forward in more natural ways in preventing cancer.

Since apples are already high in fiber, this adds to the list of many beneficial ways that apples help in digestion.

This is just one of the many different benefits that have been scientifically proven in apple polyphenols. More than likely, apple procyanidins are something that health food manufactures and supplement companies will be adding to their lineup. The first ones to do so will definitely have a leg up in the marketplace for advertising the benefits to the public. Apple procyanidins is something that companies like Kashi could add to cereals. They would be really great in protein bars and other meal replace bars as well.


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