Apple Polyphenols And Natural Weight Loss

One of the primary studies being done on apple polyphenols worldwide, is on the drastic effects that they have on fat and natural weight loss. Apple polyphenols reduce fat content by regulating fat metabolism.  So basically, apple polyphenols instruct the body to remove fat deposits. By regulating metabolism this makes the body more efficient and active internally. By combining with exercise, very drastic results could be achieved, however, just by simply including apple polyphenols in a diet will reduce fat content without polyphenols weight loss

One recent double blind apple polyphenol and placebo study done by Asahi Breweries Ltd. gave the first group subjects 6oomg of apple polyphenols in a drink and the other group placebos. By the 8-12 week mark the group that took apple polyphenols showed a significant difference in visceral fat content than the placebo group. One of the results also showed that apple polyphenols are safe to take even in high doses which has been proven in every study done around the world. They are readily available and are water soluble so the body will absorb as much as it can use with no adverse affects.

Another study also done by Asahi Breweries in Japan had the same results where the study was based on sex. 71 subjects male and female with body mass indexes of 23 to 30 took 600mg polyphenol extract from apples and  hops a day. By the end of the 12 week period, cholesterol and LDL cholesterol had reduced significantly. Visceral fat was reduced and the blood tests also showed that there were no adverse reactions. The study, like the other, proved that apple polyphenols do in fact regulate fat metabolism resulting in natural weight loss.

Written and Published by: J.  Jacobson

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