Apple Polyphenols And Hair Growth-Procyanidin b2

Apple Polyphenols have many benefits to the human body. One of them being hair growth. The first question is how exactly do these polyphenols promote hair growth. It all begins with an awesome little polyphenol called “procyanidin b2″.

Procyanidin b2 is one of the types of polyphenols present in some breeds of apples. In apple polyphenol extracts it’s present in high amounts and one of the great things about these types of polyphenols is that they are water soluble so the body absorbs as much as it can use. What makes procyanidin b2 so special is what it does. Here’s some of the science behind it:apple polyphenols hair growth

  • Stimulates the hair growth by neutralizing the growth inhibitor TGF Beta 1 and TGF Beta 2. These are the signal pathways that regulate Catagen¬† (phase of hair growth cycle where the hair stops growing).
  • Procyanidin b2 protects the hair cells from apoptosis (cell destruction).
  • By blocking the signal that starts the Catagen phase , hair remains in the Telogen phase (only10-15% of hairs) or the Anagen phase.
  • The Anagen phase is the active phase where cells divide and grow rapidly. The hair growth phase.

So by naturally blocking the signals that end hair growth, procyanidin b2 stimulates the hair growth phase. The longer that hair cells stay in the Anagen phase, the longer the hair will grow. More hair also grows in the stage. This is one of the reasons that blood flow to the scalp is so important. By stimulating blood flow through massage and exercise and taking apple polyphenols, this will increase the amount of procyanidin b2 at the scalp site resulting in faster and better hair growth.

Written and Published by: J.  Jacobson

It seems that procyanidin b2 from apple polyphenols, is the missing piece to the hair growth puzzle.

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