Apple Polyphenol Uses for 2014

What are apple polyphenols? 

Polyphenols can be found in apples. They come in two different types: flavonoids and non-flavonoids. They work as metabolites. Polyphenols can be found throughout apples. The old adage, “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away,” is true. If you eat an apple with the skin, you will get loads of benefits from the apple polyphenols.
Most Americans receive at least 22% of their yearly intake of polyphenols from apples. Apples contain four types of polyphenols. They are quercetin glycoside, phloretin glycoside, chlorogenic acid and epicatechin.

What are the apple polyphenols benefits?
There are many different benefits that are associated with apple polyphenols. There are so many that some drug manufactures have created %100 pure apple polyphenol extract for people who do not want to eat an apple a day. The extracts are a good substitution and have the same wonderful benefits as eating an apple.
In fact, many doctors suggest taking the extract over eating an apple, because the flavonoid polyphenols in apples are harder to absorb because they are attached to sugars. An extract gives you a flavonoid polyphenol that is more absorbent.

Here are the top apple polyphenol benefits.

Male Pattern Baldness
Many men are turning to apple polyphenol to help regrow or keep their hair. This is one of the most unique apple polyphenol benefits. The polyphenol stimulates the regrow cycle for hair.
Improving Skin Disorders
An apple has skin for protection from the sun and other exposures. Just like our skin, it needs a chemical to help strengthen its skin. That chemical is apple polyphenol. When you add apples to your diet, you will get the added benefit of skin protection. Apple polyphenols will protect your skin just like it protects an apple’s skin.
You do not have to have a skin disorder for this apple polyphenol benefit. The polyphenol makes any skin type healthier and more resistant to forming acne.

An increase in energy is a fantastic apple polyphenol benefit. Everyone can use more energy. You should add an apple as your after lunch snack. It will give you the boost you need to make through the rest of the day.

Digestive Health
Apple polyphenols are very useful for improving your digestive system. This is a result of the boost in energy. A good functional digestive health results in a good overall health, because your body is able to effectively rid itself of waste.

Preventing Allergic Reactions
Apple polyphenols can block the release of histamine. Histamine causes inflammation and itching. When it is blocked, you are less likely to suffer from an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions such as hayfever, atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinitis are prevented.

Decreases Organ Fat
The polyphenols can work to manage fat cells. It can keep the body from storing fat and decrease the size of existing fat. Reducing the fat in organs helps decreases your chances of getting cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Fat Metabolism
Apple polyphenols can increase your body’s metabolism. This boosts your energy, decreases your weight and make your body function more effectively.

Heart Disease Fighter
This apple polyphenol benefit comes as a result to other benefits. A lower cholesterol, digestive health and good metabolism all work together to fight and protect your body against heart disease.

Insulin Sensitivity and Blood Sugar Regulation
There are a few ways apple polyphenols work to benefit insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation. Apple polyphenols do the following: slow down carbohydrate digestion, reduction of glucose absorption, and stimulation of the pancreas to put out more insulin.

Antioxidant activity
This reduces free radicals from taking over your body. Free radicals cause cancer cells and cell damage. The antioxidant activity also repairs cells and kills cancer cells already developed.

Increase Muscle Strength
Apple polyphenols will not increase your muscle size, but it will increase your muscle strength.

Lower Cholesterol
Polyphenols will lower your blood cholesterol and inhibit your body from absorbing triglycerides.

Gut Health
There is a new study in New Zealand that has results that indicate that apple polyphenol is great for gut health. All diseases start in the gut. If your gut is healthy, you can protect yourself from getting certain diseases. This work because polyphenol modifies the bacteria found in the gut. This modification reduces the markers of inflammation.

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