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This is my own personal review of apple poly. I started taking apple poly over a year ago and took it continuously for 6-7 months.  The results were very noticeable for me. The first thing that I noticed was that my muscle strength was much greater (there was no muscle size increase, but strength increase) I believe this works by increasing the density of the muscle fibers. The denser the muscle the stronger the muscle is. (strength isn’t necessarily in relation size).

Skin conditions improved as well. My skin seemed much healthier and acne wasn’t as much of a problem. Skin conditions would improve since apple polyphenols from fruits are the materials that protect the fruit and would also protect our skin just as it does the apple’s. Energy was another benefit. This is likely because of the positive effects apple polyphenols have on the digestive system. Normally, people have more energy the cleaner and healthier our digestive system is. The body’s ability to effectively use plant material (especially pure apple polyphenols) is very efficient and directs the polyphenols where they are needed.

Soon after, I also noticed small white hairs where bald spots were. A few months later those small white hairs grew longer till there was 2 layers of hair. The hair I had and a new fuzzy layer underneath. (This was much better that just the fine hair I had before, so it was some progress). After that time period there were a few months where I decided to take a break from taking apple poly since it seemed to be working. Unfortunately, the hair growth process was not finished and the new white hairs remained but didn’t continue to grow as quickly as they had arrived. (Basically, I stopped the hair growth process right in the middle of progress). If experiencing new hair growth, I highly recommend  continuing until your individual hair growth process has completed. (Lucky for everyone else, I use myself to test on and report the results). This way you can get an idea of what to expect from apple polyphenols.

It is also important to remember that there is no single substance on this planet that will work exactly the same way for everyone. According to our own individual genetics, metabolisms and health…we will all receive results differently. Some people may have results from apple poly much quicker than I did and some may take longer or relatively the same time period. The possibilities are as numerous as there are people and the many benefits of apple polyphenols are too great to ignore. Science wouldn’t spend millions in research studies on apple polyphenols if they didn’t see the possibilities. Recently some big names like Kraft and Nestle have been investing in apple polyphenol studies to add the benefits to some of their product lines.

The reason I decided to take apple polyphenols was for hair growth. (I am now taking them again until I get the full results of hair growth and go from there). The best way for me to find results was with personal trial and error. This is the best way to do any review.

Not everyone takes apple poly for hair growth. Fat loss is another great benefit. Apple polyphenols also have the ability to displace body fat and help metabolize it quickly. This is the body fat that many people have a hard time losing just through exercise. I had a small amount on the bottom portion of the abdominal muscles and within a few weeks this fat had decreased dramatically. Combined with exercise and healthy food choices apple polyphenols can work overtime and work very well. (This was an extra benefit for me). Eating cake and chips would be counter productive and sabotage healthy results. It’s also important to note that apple poly only contains pure apple polyphenols. Other companies have fillers and additives in their brands.

Some people may want to take apple poly just for the extra health benefits. These include weight loss benefits (getting rid of body fat) digestive benefits like decreasing colon cancer risks greatly, increased energy and anti aging properties (we receive the same protective benefits that apples get). They also create an environment in the body that removes free radicals thus reducing the risk of disease. Ultimately, we can be “as healthy as apples are”. So for whatever reason you decide to take apple poly, many benefits are available. If you have had good results with apple poly be sure to leave your own apple poly reviews and results below in the comments.

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