Apple Poly and Your Hair Growth Opportunity

Did you know that an apple’s skin has hair growth potential? An apple’s skin has a compound called Procyanidin B-2. It has been found that this compound acts as a natural hair-growing factor. In a double-blinded clinical study of 29 subjects, nineteen men in the group were given Procyanidin B-2 and 10 men in the group were given the placebo. The researchers measured the hair-growing effects by using macrophotography technique combined with measurements of the hair diameter of clipped hairs. After six months there was significantly greater hair growth in the Procyanidin B-2 group than the placebo group subjects. It showed an increase in the total number of hairs and terminal hairs in the procyandin B-2 group subjects which was significant over the control groups. In hair diameter, 78.9% of subjects showed an increase in growth from their mean value.

In several studies, Procyanidin B-2 has shown to promote hair growth by down regulating the active and the resting growth phase. Procyanidin B-2 regulates the anagen phase by prolonging it for the growth results and decreasing the telogen phase when hair is not actively growing.

Japanese researchers also released a study in 2005 where procyandin therapy was proven successful in regrowing hair. Their studies confirmed the findings of clear improvement in the number of hairs and the density of hairs in the treated area. The trial extended for 12 months which showed that a longer term procyanidin therapy was even more successful than the prior four to six months trials.

Apple Poly, LLC utilized the products from the 2005 findings from the Japanese researchers and investigated each ingredient for its value in hair growth. After careful review, they decided to first improve their formula by adding all three procyanidin oligomers B-2, B-3 and C1. This decision was made because research showed procyanidin B-2 and procyanidin C1 had a great affect on the growth of hair but at different intervals of the hair cycle. In some cases, procyanidin B-3 showed even better results than procyanidin B-2 in various testing. It was also shown that the effects of procyanidins were dose-dependent which means the higher the concentration, the better the results. So with this knowledge and combined with the fact that procyanidins are thoroughly tested safe, and produce zero irritation or unwanted side effects, the researchers quadrupled the procyanidin strength.

This new formula has produced “alarming” hair growth results. Clients taking apple procyanidins internally in capsule form continued to report thicker hair, new hair growth at the hairline, eyelash hairs growing longer and eyebrow hairs growing back, and growing darker!

The promising hair growth therapy you have been waiting for is NOW here! If you have tried a multitude of remedies to grow your hair, this therapy can boost your current hair growth with thicker longer hair!

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