Anti Aging Effects Of Apple Polyhenols

We have all heard the phrase “we are what we eat” probably more than once at some point or another. In the case of consuming apples, this is definitely true. Polyphenols contained within the the skin of the apple protect the apple from sun damage and oxidation, essentially the apple’s anti aging defense system. Like most phyto-nutrients contained within plants, polyphenols have the ability to be transferred¬† and used efficiently by our polyphenols anti aging

As we grow older things like muscles, connective tissue, hair and skin all become weaker and lose the strength that they once had. By taking apple polyphenols the effects of aging can be slowed and sometimes even reversed. These polyphenols have the unique ability to strengthen muscle and connective tissue. When this happens, the muscle tissue becomes more dense and firm protecting itself from the inside out. (This is one of the reason body builders sometimes seek apple polyphenols because it also increases strength). Hair also benefits from specific polyphenols that stimulate healthy hair growth from the root.

Many studies have showed that apple polyphenols have the ability to protect the internal organs from oxidative stress, one of the prime factors in aging. By protecting the organs from damage and helping to heal former damage, these polyphenols help maintain the youth of the body on the inside. Studies have shown apple products to prevent colon, mammary and skin carcinogenesis. Externally, the skin also benefits from a diet full of polyphenols. They protect the skin the same way they protect an apple from oxidation and cell damage.

Written and Published by: J.  Jacobson

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